Light still shines

The Universe – God – works in amazing ways. I am continually in awe of how our journey has led us to some of the most genuine, kind-hearted and selfless individuals.

Be open to the struggles of life. Embrace them. Sit with them. Even when it’s hard. Even if it takes decades to understand how all the pieces fit – one day you will understand. And there’s such beauty and thankfulness and blessing, when you do.

Thank you to a special friend for being part of this journey and for helping me see more fully, how the pieces fit, and light can shine in darkness❤️

Published by

Grit & Grace Rising

Hi, I’m Laurel… I am a wife. I am a mother to Luke, born prematurely due to HELLP Syndrome. Luke was born with a congential heart defect and a kidney defect. I work in education. And I am gritty. I write the blog, Of Grit & Grace. It’s my space, my outlet and my way of working through some of life’s challenges. It’s my healing. I believe in living each moment to the fullest because tomorrow is promised to no one. I believe in seeing the blessing instead of the burden, giving hope to the hopeless, and walking by faith. I believe there is purpose in pain – we have to find it.

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