Grit & Grace

She makes pain look beautiful

She finds peace among the chaos

She holds the weight of the world on her shoulders and never complains

She wears a smile in situations where most would cry

So please, don’t mistake her honesty for weakness

Don’t twist her truth and tell her she’s not doing, being, trying, enough

Her vulnerability is her grit

She’s the one with angel eyes ready to raise hell for those who take her lightly

She has warrior in her blood and grace in her heart

And she can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to see in her…

Published by

Grit & Grace Rising

Hi, I’m Laurel… I am a wife. I am a mother to Luke, born prematurely due to HELLP Syndrome. Luke was born with a congential heart defect and a kidney defect. I work in education. And I am gritty. I write the blog, Of Grit & Grace. It’s my space, my outlet and my way of working through some of life’s challenges. It’s my healing. I believe in living each moment to the fullest because tomorrow is promised to no one. I believe in seeing the blessing instead of the burden, giving hope to the hopeless, and walking by faith. I believe there is purpose in pain – we have to find it.

2 thoughts on “Grit & Grace”

  1. Hi Laurel, I hope you get this. I think I may be doing it right!🤞 What a great pic of you and I do mean great!! And, I love your message!! You go girl!👍I will be very glad to receive your future postings. Best wishes to you, Scott and Luke in your path ahead. Stick together in love and support for each other. Let love emanate from your home first and then spread in beautiful ways out into the rest of the world as you do your parts to make it a better place to be for all. May understanding continue to grow about Luke’s condition so that all who are influential in his life come from knowledge and compassion. I know that you, Laurel, will be one of those educators and always an advocate for Luke. And of course, don’t forget you along the way. It has been my great pleasure to know and to work with you. I know your self growth will be a continuing thing always. Take care, Brenda😊

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