Hi, I’m Laurel…

I am a wife. I am a mother to Luke, born prematurely due to HELLP Syndrome. Luke was born with a congential heart defect, kidney defect, cerebral palsy, and recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

I write this blog. It’s my space, my outlet and my way of working through some of life’s challenges. It’s my healing.

I believe in living each moment to the fullest because tomorrow is promised to no one. I believe in seeing the blessing instead of the burden, giving hope to the hopeless, and walking by faith.

I believe in overcoming obstacles and the power of the human mind to change circumstance from bleak to bright by the thoughts we keep. Beauty is present in all of life. Can you see it?

I believe there is purpose in pain – we have to find it.

I want to share hope and joy and faith with you. I didn’t always have these things and sometimes, even now, they can be a struggle. Life is messy. People are messy. I invite you, welcome you, to come be messy with me, learn with me, grow with me.

…And bear with me as I navigate this world of blogging.


5 thoughts on “MEET LAUREL”

  1. This journey forges a powerful sisterhood. Found your blog tonight… I have two children.. My oldest is my daughter who was born with cystic kidneys. She was transplanted at 20 months old then again at age 11. She is now 19 and amazing…last week her labs were not good and her blood pressures are creeping higher – I’ve been here before – and know all too well that transplant is a treatment, not a cure. I’m terrified. Can’t sleep. You know how it goes. I am a special educator. I took a 6 year maternity leave after she was born, but am back at work as a part time professor and a full time administrator for our county office of education – its been tough to work this week, but I’m fortunate in that I have a supportive work environment and it’s been good to go worry about other peoples’ children. But when the workday ends, and I lay down, it all haunts me. I would rather be sick myself than to watch her go through all this…so thanks for the blog. It prices I’m not alone even in the middle if the night.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I too, took off a year to care for Luke. We had a nurse coming to the house after we finally came home and with his meds and breathing issues at the time, it was just out of the question. I couldn’t and wouldn’t leave him. I’m sure you feel the same. I wish you and Talynn all the best and will pray for you both.


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