In working on self care…

I’ve always loved to read. Sitting on the porch rocker, balmy summer breeze or crisp autumn day, getting lost in a good mystery, improving my professional game, traveling the globe by virtue of turning a page, trashy romance novels while digging bare toes in warm sand, the sound of surf crashing in the distance.

The last time I read something just for me was before I was pregnant. Because let’s be real – once that baby was growing in my belly I wanted to know all the things happening in there! I read pregnancy books, books on nutrition, and then came our first diagnosis – a critical congenital heart defect.

That’s when everything – everything – changed.

From that day on, every piece of literature I read was medical. Case studies, white papers, medical websites, medical forums, medical blogs, books on human anatomy, how to heal our physical selves, and on and on and on.

I never really thought about it, never realized what was actually happening. I was (and still am) a mom on a mission! The difference today is, I now recognize how important it is to preserve my interests, the things that bring me joy.

This little Kindle is a step to my getting back on track and nurturing my soul.

I can’t say I’ll never download medical books (let’s be real here) but I CAN tell you, there’s 30 books on there already and not one is tied to a disorder, therapy, or defect. And it feels really, really good.